Solar Power Plants


Enolar Power Station consists of PV array which generates DC electricity from sunlight, a battery bank to store the DC energy and an inverter to convert from DC to utility grave AC electricity. Power Stations are available in two configurations a “Hybrid” that uses a propane or diesel generator to supplement battery charging, and a “ Stand Alone” without a generator. Enolar Power Station are mounted on weather-proof steel structures. Custom configurations for specific voltage or power requirements are available for a reliable power source in any remote application. An optional trailer mount is available.

The Enolar Power Station consists of a PV array which generates DC electricity from sunlight, a battery bank to store the DC energy and an inverter to convert from DC to utility-grade AC electricity.

Several factors must be considered when choosing between a hybrid or stand-alone configuration. Hybrid stations are sized to provide 25-75% of the load requirements by the engine generator, resulting in a lower first-cost for a given load. Stand-alone PV systems are sized to provide 100% of the load and offer very low operating and maintenance costs.

Fetures :

  • Pre assembled and factory tested
  • Renewable energy
  • Reliable, Continuous Power
  • Easy installation


  • Tele Communications
  • Disaster Relief and emergency power
  • Village Electrification
  • Remote Residential and Industrial Application
  • Irrigation and Water Pumping

Enolar PV Hybrid Power Station Components Diagram

A Typical Solar Power Plant / Power Station Consists of the following Components

  1. Photovoltaic (“PV”) Panels
    High-efficiency, single crystal silicon PV modules provide higher amp-hour per watt output than other technologies and include dual bypass diode protection. Modular PV panels permit expansion to accommodate increased loads.
  2. Adjustable Array Structure
    PV array tilt is easily adjustable from 30-60 degrees to maximize solar energy. Further adjustment of 0-30 degrees possible with special positioning bars.
  3. Control Center
    The control enclosure is a powder-coated steel box housing the power distribution components (DC controller/distribution, inverter and AC distribution), disconnects, system monitor and appropriate wire terminals. Enclosure is provided with rainproof vents and a ground fault protected electrical outlet. Optional remote monitoring equipment is available.
  4. Inverter/Battery Charger
    Microprocessor-controlled, high-efficiency sine wave inverter with three-stage, temperature-compensated battery charger. Peak conversion efficiency of 96%, protection circuitry, LCD display with user and setup menus.
  5. DC Controller
    Solid state, low frequency, pulse-width modulated solar charge control with battery temperature compensation and automatic night time disconnect.
  6. AC Distribution Panel
    Output AC breaker panel provides surge protection and flexibility for multiple AC load requirements.
  7. DC Combiner Box
    Provides PV circuit disconnects and lightning/surge protection for electronic equipment.
  8. Ventilator Fan
    Designed for active ventilation of hybrid battery enclosure to prevent accumulation of hydrogen gas.
  9. Batteries
    Available in three battery types: economy flooded lead-acid, industrial flooded lead-acid and sealed lead-acid. Flooded lead-acid battery comes with recombiner caps to minimize water loss. Sealed battery available for maintenance-free performance. The control system maintains the batteries between 20% and 100% state of charge.
  10. Battery Enclosure
    Sealed batteries are housed in a powder-coated steel, lockable enclosure with filtered vents. Flooded batteries are housed in an insulated, vented thermoplastic unit with lockable lid and drain plug. Designed to minimize battery temperature extremes, eliminate battery bank hot spots, prevent freezing and extend useful battery life.
  11. Generator (Hybrid only)
    Commercial and Industrial engine generators available to meet requirements. Includes battery, alternator, remote start/stop contacts, self-contained protection and automatic safety shutdowns. Package includes weatherproof housing, vibration isolators on steel skid, flexible couplings, and replaceable dry element air filter. Propane and diesel fuel types available.
  12. Structure
    Industrial grade, heavy-gauge steel coated with a durable hot–dip galvanized finish. Available in four configurations: ground mount, road trailer, off-road trailer and breakdown kit.