Solar Inverter

Regular inverters, which are used to convert DC power to AC, can only provide charging facility from AC power, these Solar Inverters which are produced by adopting the most advanced Solar technology can be used as a stand alone inverter and by using which charging can be done by both electricity & Solar Energy.

These Solar Inverters are programmed to switch over automatically to electricity or Solar Power depending on the availability of the resource. For example on a cloudy day it changes to electric (AC) power to charge the battery, whereas on sunny days it solely operates on Solar (DC) power. It can be designed for specific customer requirements and based on the availability of necessary resources.

These Solar Inverters can be used in Solar Indoor Lighting systems and can be connected to existing lighting systems in offices, houses, Hospitals, Farm Houses, Guest Houses etc.

Features :

  • Output – 230V AC with 50 Hz
  • Dual Charging Facility – both Solar & Mains Charging.
  • Ready To install.
  • ECO-Friendly.