Solar Air Cooler


Solar Air Coolers are similar to conventional air coolers but the only difference being that they run on DC Power produced directly from the Solar Panels or from a battery.

During daytime whenever sufficient sunlight is available the DC Current produced by the Solar panel directly powers the Air Cooler. In cases of low Sunshine & during the night times a battery backup is required to run the Cooler. It is a very highly efficient cooler that uses water to perform the cooling function. The advantage of using such a type of cooler is that it is economical because it totally eliminates the consumption of AC power. During summer you will never have high electricity bills by using this cooler.

Fetures :

  • Highly Efficient – draws around 3A current at low speed and around 5A current at High speed.
  • It produces around 750 cu.feet of cooled filtered air per minute.
  • They are particularly effective in small rooms of size 3m x 4m.
  • IF the size of the room is bigger than more than 1 No. has to be installed or a higher capacity cooler can be designed.


  • Hotels, Lodges & Resorts
  • Office Cabins
  • Conference Halls