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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal system generates thermal energy using sun's energy. Solar thermal energy is cost effective and environment friendly. This energy is widely used to fluids such as water, this can also power solar cooling systems.

Use of solar thermal systems energy for your business will help you to

+ Reduced Utility Bills up to 70%

+ Go green and make a revolution by adopting sustainability Mandate

+ Reduced Carbon Footprint and create a cleaner world for your children

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) panels use solar energy to generate electricity using solar cells and modules. PV panels ground mounted or rooftop installations are widely used to generate electricity to operate electrical equipment's at home, office, commercial equipment's and appliances in all type of premises and constructions.

This technology will function with battery system's will help in bringing life to rural area where there is no connectivity with electricity. Direct usage will be ideal option to run factories and manufacturing units during day time. So

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Balance of Systems

BOS is covers various components used in creating solar thermal and solar photovoltaic system.


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ENOLAR Is a renewable energy based company located in Bangalore, India. ENOLAR founded in 1991, is into Manufacturing & Marketing of Solar Energy Based products. We have our Manufacturing unit located in Bangalore & are into Manufacturing & Marketing of Solar products that are based on both Solar Thermal Technology as well as Solar Photo-Voltaic Technology.....

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